During her years as an attorney, Stina Lindmark has gained various types of experience, under which: 

  • assisting an international German corporation with the acquisition of various Dutch targets and assets in order to increase its market share
  • assisting a Japanese multinational with the acquisition of its Dutch distributor, from the due diligence investigation to the contract negotiations, the transfer of shares and the notification procedure at the Dutch competition authority;
  • assisting a Dutch private person with his Swedish company structure, in order to simplify such structure through a Swedish legal merger, acting as liaison and interpreter between the Dutch client and the Swedish specialists;
  • providing daily legal advice and input to the Dutch subsidiaries of an international corporation in the oil business, varying from assisting with the acquisition of companies to drafting reminders to bad debtors and assessing general terms and conditions;
  • assisting a Swedish company with solving a shareholders dispute in the Dutch joint venture, followed by the buy-out of the Dutch co-shareholder and subsequently liquidating the Dutch company;
  • acting as Dutch local counsel in the global restructuring of a Japanese multinational, in which the European head office was relocated and the international structure was changed considerably, by assessing all actions involving the Dutch companies and draft any legal documentation necessary;
  • assisting a Swedish company with the sale of its Dutch activities to a new partner and drafting the distribution agreements to regulate their new relationship.

Lindmark Legal has a long personal relationship with (amongst others) the following associates, so that clients can rely on efficient and specialized services even when the issue at hand is not in the own field of expertise:

Labour Law